Managing immunity and/or protection forms an important part of preventing infection within an infection control programme for workers. Appropriate immunisation programmes will help protect the worker and patients from acquiring a vaccine preventable disease. It is widely accepted that consistent immunisation programmes followed throughout healthcare settings in the UK can help to reduce the number of workers transmitting vaccine preventable disease to other workers and patients.  
The purpose of immunisation is:

•  To protect workers from any occupational risk of contracting communicable disease that is preventable by immunisation.
•  To protect patients and colleagues from acquiring vaccine preventable disease from infected co-workers.
•  To identify and protect workers who may not have received immunisations recommended for general use.

GO Health Services have much experience in setting up and facilitating large scale immunisation programmes which aim to reduce the risk from vaccine preventable disease in workers.  A consistent approach to immunisation is always the preferred option and GO Health Services issue guidance to each client / company based on all the relevant guidelines and directives.

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