Fitness for Work & Attendance Management

Following the recent achievement of a sickness absence rate of 3.92% for NHS Grampian, an integrated approach to attendance management has been evidenced as achievable.

GO Health Services carry out Management Referrals not only for the NHS but for various external clients. Early referral by managers allows effective prioritisation and signposting to appropriate support services in order that individual employees can be given the best opportunity to either avoid an absence from work, or to facilitate their early return to work.

Services include a telephone triage system, first day absence employee contact to assess and advise manager and employee to assist and improve health and productivity and a completely paperlite IT process where client records are recorded and stored securely. We are also able to offer a comprehensive audit service to the client and expert advice on attendance management and data analysis.

Our experience is extensive and you can be assured that the process is confidential, fast and will meet the needs of the client /company.

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