Exposure to Blood & Body Fluids

While every effort is taken to prevent such incidents, needlestick injuries do sometimes occur. The standard safety procedures adopted in the UK for the prevention of needlestick injuries are know as standard or universal precautions, where all blood and body fluids regardless of its source are considered to contain infectious agents, and treated as such.

Guidelines to this effect were published by the Department of Health called ‘Guidance on the Management of Infected Health Care Workers’ (2000, 2002 and 2007). This is in conjunction with guidelines on Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Waste Disposal, and COSHH policy.

GO Health Services adhere strictly to all the national guidelines concerning needlestick injury and risk management protocols.  If an NHS Grampian member of staff has been involved in a needlestick injury they should immediately contact their line manager and arrange an appointment with GO Health Services by email or telephone. We have a fully defined process for dealing with any needlestick incidents. This service is also available to our external clients.

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